Unicorn goodies

If you love unicorns as much as I do, this post is for you! I’ve been searching for unicorn goodies (for myself and as presents, since you know… Christmas will be here sooner than you think) and guess what… I found some amazing stuf! (They are all from ASOS. This post is not sponsored). If you want to know what I found, keep on reading!

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DIY velvet choker

Hey guys! I haven’t done a DIY in quite some time, I’ve been very busy with doing nothing because… well… you know… holidays :). But anyways, I’m back with this super cute and easy DIY, so continue reading!

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Fair trade shoes

Summer is right around the corner and I desperately needed some new sneakers. Now… finding new sneakers isn’t that hard, finding fair trade sneakers is a bit harder. That’s why I’m writing this post, to make it easier for you! Because I found this amazing brand and I LOVE everything they make!

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