Another kickstarter project

A little while ago I posted about my first kickstarter project. Which was a success! And now I’ve started a second one (: Just like last time I’m hoping to make a sticker with my own design on it. If you’re curious about me project, keep on reading!

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DIY circle choker

I honestly beleive that this might be the easiest DIY I’ve ever done. It’s so easy and the material is super cheap! I used blue ribbon to give my choker a bit of  a summer vibe but you can choose whatever color you like! If you want to know how I made this necklace, keep on reading!

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Kickstarter project

Hii guys! Lately I haven’t posted in a while, I’m so sorry! I’ve been very bussy with school and my kickstarter project. And that is exactly what I want to talk to you about! I want to use kickstarter to fund a small art project I’ve been working on. So if you’re interested keep on reading!

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