Another kickstarter project

A little while ago I posted about my first kickstarter project. Which was a success! And now I’ve started a second one (: Just like last time I’m hoping to make a sticker with my own design on it. If you’re curious about me project, keep on reading!

The design shows a pretzel with a banner, which says ‘DON’T BE SALTY’. The sticker will be printed on durable white glossy vinyl and is intended for inside use. It will measure approx 5 x 5 cm. If I get to my funding goal, which is €85, I can produce these stickers! When the stickers are produced the backers (people who helped fund the project) will get a sticker send to their home! There will only be a limited amount of stickers available so if you want one, be quick!

Click here to go to my kickstarter project!

So… By now you’re probably wondering what the sticker will actually look like. The design is shown in the picture below!

Schermafbeelding 2017-07-13 om 11.50.04.png

So what do you think of my design? Let me know in the comments!


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