Lalalab review + discount code!

Lalalab is an app which you can use to print photos from your phone! It’s really cheap, easy and fun! My favorite prints are the vintage prints (polaroid photo’s). But there are loads of different options like magnets, greeting cards and canvases!

How does it work?

Well, basically, you first choose the product that you want (so vintage prints or a frame etc.) and then choose the pictures that you want to use. It’s super easy. The product will be added to your chart. When you pay you add your address and after that you just have to wait (usually takes 3-5 days). Easy right?!

The vintage prints

Like I already said, my favorite is the vintage/polaroid print. You can choose to add a text in the app or write something on them with a marker like I did. I decided to print a bunch of pictures from my holiday in Spain and they turned out great! The vintage prints cost €0,39 per piece (which I think is pretty cheap) and the quality is great!


Regular prints 

When you choose the vintage prints you have to crop your pictures square and with some of my photos that didn’t fit very well. So that’s why I decided to print two regulars as well and I’m glad I did! Just like the vintage prints these prints are great quality (also €0,39 per piece).


Get  €5,- FREE!

When you use Lalalab for the first time you can use my referral code to get a 5 euro discount!


This means that you can get your first 12 vintage prints for free (you only have to pay the shippings costs (€2,-)).

This post is not sponsored by Lalalab


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