Citytrip: Newcastle

My dad and I went on a mini holiday! We took the boat from IJmuiden to Newcastle. We departed on Tuesday evening and arrived in Newcastle on Wednesday morning, Wednesday evening we took the boat back to the Netherlands. It was so much fun! I’m definitely planning on going there again and staying a bit longer! Keep on reading if you’re interested in what I did!


Foto 23-02-16 17 23 43.jpg

The view from the boat was pretty great! On this picture I’m looking at IJmuiden. The boat itself was also quite nice. There was a shop (whit lots of discount!), a few restaurants and a small casino! When we arrived in Newcastle we took a bus to the city centre (the bus was included in the mini-cruise).



The Great British Cupcakery


After we got of the bus we wanted to have some breakfast in the Quayside. The Quayside is an area along the banks of the River Tyne. Here we found The Great British Cupcakery! I think it’s safe to say that this shop is the cutest I’ve ever seen. The food on the counter looks (and tastes) delicious! I decided to have a cupcake and a cappuccino for breakfast.

Foto 24-02-16 11 36 45.jpg


The Fat Hippo Underground


The Fat Hippo Underground is an underground burger bar. My dad and I are both vegetarian so we ordered the Veggie Gastro for lunch (spicy bean patty, topped with mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes, rocket and pesto mayo). And it tasted GREAT! Best veggie burger I ever had. Next time I’m in Newcastle I will definitely eat here again!




Grainger Market


The Grainger Market was built in 1835, which means that this year it exists 181 years! It’s a covered market and is set in the middle of the city centre. It hosts over 100 shops, varying from fresh products (vegetables etc.) to clothing and turkish lamps!





This shop is also located in the city centre.  It’s quite big an they sell a lot of different clothing styles! I bought a khaki blouse which I’m totally in love with. ❤

I really loved Newcastle! The city isn’t that big which means that you can walk everywhere and the shops are amazing! I’m definitely planning on visiting again (and staying longer than one day!).


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