DIY dreamcatcher

I haven’t done a DIY in quite some time because I have been very busy with school… Luckily I had some spare time to make this post! This dreamcatcher DIY is really fun and easy to do. So gather your supplies and start DIY’ing!


  •  a few twigs (for the hoop)
  • thin wire
  • embroidery thread
  • small beads
  • a feather
  • a pendant

Step 1

Bend your twigs in the shape of a hoop and use some wire to make sure it won’t fall apart.


Step 2

Now that your hoop is done it’s time to start weaving! I made 8 loops around the hoop and then worked my way in.


Step 3

I started adding beads when I began my second round of loops and I only put in a few because my dreamcatcher is quite small.


Step 4

When you are done weaving just make a double knot and cut off the excess embroidery thread.


Step 5

Add some beads and a feather at the bottom and put a pendant in the middle of your dreamcatcher.

And with that you’re…





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