five awkward moments that happen to everyone

The only thing that makes awkward moments less awkward is the knowledge that they happen to everybody. So sit back and see if you recognize yourself in these moments. And if you do, next time they happen you might just feel a little less awkward.

1 Putting on music in a crowded bus/train and realizing your haven’t plugged your earphones in.



2 Liking a picture on instagram that you shouldn’t have liked.

Admit it, everybody, from time to time, stalks somebody a little bit on instagram. Just make sure that when you do, you don’t like a picture that’s 90 weeks old.


3 Pushing a door that has a ‘pull’ sign.


4 Saying hi back to somebody who in the first place was greeting the person behind you.

giphy (3)

5 After three times still not hearing what someone is saying to you so you just kinda smile and nod.



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