Pimp your t-shirt

What you’ll need 

– Straight pins
– Sewing needle and thread
– Studs / studs
– Aztec print ribbon / aztec print ribbon
– T-shirt

Step 1 

Push the studs trough the ribbon and fold them at the back so they won’t fall off. You can use as many studs as you like, and maybe even some spikes!

Step 2 

Use the straight pins to pin the ribbon on to the sleeves of your t-shirt.

Step 3

Schermafbeelding 2015-07-19 om 15.49.18

Now it’s time to start sewing! You can use a sewing machine like I did or hand sew the ribbon to the shirt. Make sure to remove the straight pins while you’re sewing.

Step 4

Repeat step 1 till 3 on the other sleeve and you’re done! 

Schermafbeelding 2015-07-19 om 15.31.32

– If you don’t have the patience to use a sewing machine or to hand sew you can use textile glue to attach the ribbon to the shirt.

– Another fun thing you can do is replace the ribbon with a pompom fringe!

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