DIY compass pillowcase

What you’ll need

– Pillow case
– Paint brush
– Some old papers
– Scissor
Compass image
Fabric paint

Step 1

Cut out your compass image and place it on your pillowcase. I printed my image on sticker paper so it would be easier to (temporarily) stick it on to the pillowcase. Be sure to put the old papers inside of the pillowcase so when you start painting the paint won’t be visible at the back.

Step 2  

Schermafbeelding 2015-07-01 om 19.06.58

Time to start painting! Use your paintbrush to gently apply the paint. Don’t apply too much paint at once! Otherwise the paint might leak underneath your pattern.

Step 3 

Slowly remove your cutout pattern when the paint is completely dry. Now put a pillow in your pillowcase and you’re done!

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